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Transformer Testing System

Transformer Testing System
Transformer Testing System
NKx-XX Transformer Testing System Professional automatic measurement and control system development, design, production, sales and after-sales service mainly high-tech enterprises. In line with quality first, service first, customer first principle constantly improve the service and product performance, with our sincerity and product performance and prestige sincerely cooperate with you, in order to faster, higher development. Sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to discuss cooperation. l The computer control transformer test stand is suitable for10kV¡¢35kV¡¢110kV¡¢220kVand over voltage grade of transformer, reactor and high voltage switchgear products l Full computer automatic measurement and control, to achieve the set test a connection loop tracking display, measurement, control, analysis processing, storage, printing, protection in a body comprehensive measurement and control system; l all corresponding data calculations are completed by IPC background operation, the calculation results and the measured data by the display screen directly output, change the tester before by pointer instrument read numerical and complicated calculation, minimizing the error appear probability and greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency. l This system has been used to measure and control the high degree of automatic chemical theory. The control room is realized without strong electric control and improve the safety of the test personnel. Using power analyzer and computer data to improve the accuracy and accuracy of test data. Fully automated operation maximizes work efficiency and saves labor cost.
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